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08 Gradaščica catchment SI

The Gradaščica catchment in Ljubljana is located in a hilly pre-alpine region, with elevations ranging from 300 to 1000 meters above sea level. Approximately 70% of this area is forested, mainly with broad-leaved and mixed forests, which play a crucial role in the local ecosystem and water management. Within SpongeScapes, we are investigating how trees reduce rainwater run-off, which is crucial in flood-prone areas. 

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03 Leze FR

The Lèze catchment (350 km², about 34,000 inhabitants) in south-west France is located in a hilly pre-mountainous area (Pyrenees), and is part of the larger Garonne catchment. The Lèze river has very marked seasonal variations in flow. A large irrigation dam in the upper part of the basin and 11 small dams along the river control the flow. The case study is located in regions that signed the Mission Charter of the EU Mission on Climate Adaptation.

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12 Bosco Limite IT

Bosco Limite is located in the middle basin of the Brenta river, in the northwestern part of the Po valley (Veneto Region, Italy). Bosco Limite is the largest forest infiltration area in the Venetian plain and an expansion design is currently under development.

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06 New Forest and Cole catchments UK

Blackwater and Highland Water are sub-catchments of the Lymington river in the New Forest National Park (in the UK South-East River Basin District) The River Cole is located in the Thames River Basin District, west of Oxford. Lymington River and Cole River catchments benefited from floodplain restoration (river remeandering, logjams, etc) in the early 2000’s. For this case study the core objective is to understand better the impact of floodplain restoration activities in the long term (over almost three decades).

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11 Agripolis site IT

The Agripolis site (see also related case studies 09 and 10) is located near the Venetian Pre-Alps, crossed by the Leogra and the Timonchio rivers and artificial channels crucial for historical manufacturing, irrigation, and runoff control. The case study is located in the Veneto region that signed the Mission Charter of the EU Mission on Climate Adaptation.