Field visit to the Chaamse Beken, Netherlands: Exploring Nature-Based Solutions for Flood and Drought Resilience

Last Wednesday, a diverse group of researchers from Deltares, Waterschap Brabantse Delta, Wageningen University, and Provincie Noord-Brabant went on a field visit to the Chaamse Beken.  This area serves as a case study in the SpongeScapes project, as well as the NWO-Nat and NWO-Castor projects, which aim to make the area more resilient against floods and droughts. 

First SpongeLab Workshop in Aa and Maas

On May 16, 2024, SpongeScapes kicked off its first SpongeLab workshop in Loosbroek, The Netherlands, introducing the geodesign approach to local stakeholders in the Aa and Maas management area.  

The workshop was organized by Leibniz Universität Hannover, which is leading work package 4 of the SpongeScapes project, “Co-assessing sponge strategies and enabling environments" together with Deltares and the Regional Water Authority Aa and Maas.  

SpongeScapes Kick-Off Meeting

25-27 October 2023. 

Delft, Netherlands .

The project kick off meeting will gather the different European partners in Deltares premises in Delft to discuss details of the different aspects of the project. Topics will include how the existing 140 cases on the NWRM database will be revisited and evaluated, which indicators will be used to define effectiveness of the individual solutions, which modelling tools will be used by partners for the upscaling and identifying the needs of the stakeholders linked to the 14 in-depth case studies.

SpongeScapes at the NAC 2024 conference

Last Friday, 8 March, Ellis Penning and Christopher Wittmann (Deltares) presented SpongeScapes at the NAC2024 conference, during a session dedicated to climate resilient sandy soil research in the Netherlands. The aim is to harmonise the work of the various Dutch-funded research projects on this topic.

02 Aa dal Noord NL

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Horizon Europe SpongeScapes Project Kicked -off in October 2023

Last week, 25-27 October, the EU-Horizon SpongeScapes project kick-off meeting took place in Delft, the Netherlands.

 For three intensive days, colleagues from the 10 different partner organisations participated in workshops, a field visit and insightful discussions to enhance the sponge function of soil, groundwater and surface water systems. 

Sponge function of landscapes refers to the ability of natural or managed ecosystems to absorb, store and slowly release water, thereby mitigating floods and droughts.

01 Chaamse Beken NL

Extensive artificial drainage of agricultural land has been carried out because excessively wet soils are more difficult for farmers to access and cultivate. Over the years, the river system has been heavily modified to provide an efficient network of drainage and water supply, causing challenges for aquatic and riparian ecosystems, but also combatting drought events in the region.