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SpongeScapes helps public authorities, practitioners, the private sector and civil society to co-design and co-create sponge strategies in the landscapes where they work and live. To enable this shared vision, two SpongeLabs are being established in two of our 14 case studies as platforms for active transdisciplinary collaboration: Aa and Maas (Aa-dal Noord) in the Netherlands and Lèze catchment in France. The SpongeLabs will involve local and traditional knowledge holders, land and resource users, stakeholders and private and public decision makers from each case study.

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02 Aa dal Noord NL

This case study is located in the wider river basin of the Meuse in south-east of the Netherlands, in the eastern part of the southern province of Brabant in the Netherlands.
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03 Leze FR

The Lèze catchment (350 km², about 34,000 inhabitants) in south-west France is located in a hilly pre-mountainous area (Pyrenees), and is part of the larger Garonne catchment.