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Consortium partners

SpongeScapes involves ten European partners (6 universities and research centres, 1 governmental agency, 1 NGO, 1 environmental consulting company and 1 non-profit association). These partners, along with local stakeholders linked to 14 case studies across Europe (France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, United Kingdom), are collaborating to improve the sponge functioning of soil, groundwater and surface water systems. 

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Advisory Board

The SpongeScapes Advisory Board is an external group of valued and recognised experts in extreme meteorological events (inundations, droughts) and geographical areas (Eastern Europe) that are of strategic importance to the project. The role of the Advisory Board is to provide valuable insight and advice on the strategic direction of the project and more generally on key scientific issues. 


Mark Wilkinson

from James Hutton Institute (United Kingdom) is focusing on Natural Flood Management (NFM) strategies. 


Laurice Ereifej

from World Wide Fund (Central and Eastern Europe) is extending outreach efforts to Central and Eastern European countries, aiming to broaden the project's impact. 


Andreas Panagopoulos

from Soil & Water Resources Institute (Greece) is bringing valuable insights from agriculture, soil, and drought perspectives, and will also be part of the SpongeWorks project.