Field visit to the Chaamse Beken, Netherlands: Exploring Nature-Based Solutions for Flood and Drought Resilience

Field visit to the Chaamse Beken June 2024

Last Wednesday, a diverse group of researchers from Deltares, Waterschap Brabantse Delta, Wageningen University, and Provincie Noord-Brabant went on a field visit to the Chaamse Beken.  This area serves as a case study in the SpongeScapes project, as well as the NWO-Nat and NWO-Castor projects, which aim to make the area more resilient against floods and droughts. 

The goal of the visit was to gain a good understanding of the local situation in the field and provide an opportunity for researchers working on these projects to exchange ideas, knowledge, and insights, and discuss the potential for nature-based solutions. 

The group visited several sites where the Chaamse Beken has been restored to its natural flow path and observed water retention areas. Furthermore, various constructions in the Chaamse Beken, such as culverts and weirs, were mapped, as well as water levels and cross-sectional profiles. The team also visited former agricultural sites that have been converted into natural areas, took water quality measurements at various locations, and investigated the upper soil layer using a hand auger to learn about the geology and geohydrology of the area.

Event Date
Jun 2024